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The International Skating Union (ISU) is thrilled to introduce Michaela Scalisi, the former Swiss national competitor and renowned Wild Ice Skater, who is affectionately known as 'Michaela Carrot' among her followers. She has been designated as global WISD Icon for the highly anticipated World Ice Skating Day (WISD) set to take place on December 3, 2023.

As a gifted content creator with an international following, Michaela seamlessly merges her love for nature and ice skating, crafting mesmerizing visual narratives that feature her gracefully gliding on untamed ice in some of the world's most stunning locations. Her captivating storytelling not only serves as an inspiration to aspiring skaters and enthusiasts worldwide but also stands as a testament to the importance of preserving our planet. The ISU is delighted to champion these values alongside Michaela, both during the WISD and beyond (view the announcement here). 

Born and raised in Chur, Switzerland this Wild Ice skater in the making, fell in love with Figure Skating from the young age of 4. She could not resist the calling of the ice and spent the next 14 years of her life dedicating her heart and soul to the sport eventually becoming a competitive Figure Skater, at a national and international level. Michaela was a 5-time regional champion across various levels from “Novice” to “Elite” holding top 10 rankings in the Swiss national championships on 3 occasions. At the age of 18, Michaela decided to hang up her competitive skates and give back to the sport by volunteering as a “Technical Specialist” at national competitions. Despite the sadness of not skating competitively, Michaela still enjoyed being rink side feeling the ice and relished this opportunity to experience the sport from a different perspective.

"Skating has been my lifelong love affair, teaching me discipline and the art of self-expression through movement."

Michaela demonstrated her versatility and multi-tasking abilities by completing 2 Master’s degrees - one in Marketing & Communication Management and the other in Strategic Marketing - alongside her volunteer work as part of the Technical Panel at competitions. It was during this time that Michaela discovered her passion for arts such as photography and writing, two forms of expression that kickstarted her pursuit towards capturing the beauty of the world around her.

Michaela Carrott WISD 4 2023

Wild Ice Skater Michaela Carrot is partnering with the 2023 World Ice Skating Day (WISD) as Global Icon. © Michaela Carrot

Armed with her Masters degrees, she then ventured into the corporate world, completely taking off her skating boots with very little time for volunteering. During her down time, she discovered a passion for travel and outdoor content creation. She slowly started documenting her travels and creating content and learnt the craft on the go. She loved every minute of this newfound experience.

Life took a sudden turn in 2020 when Michaela faced a life-threatening accident that completely changed her outlook towards life, making her stop and evaluate everything. She started questioning herself about what made her happy? What truly brings her sheer joy? This experience brought back those exhilarating memories, that ‘top of the world’ feeling that she used to feel when she would put on her skates, feeling the ice and the sounds of the blades when she glides on the ice and feel completely unhinged, unstoppable - the true magic of skating, and the answers to those self-critical questions became clearer.

"Life's too precious to not pursue what truly brings us joy. For me, that's the magic of ice skating."

Michaela Carrott WISD 1 2023

Wild Ice Skater Michaela Carrot is partnering with the 2023 World Ice Skating Day (WISD) as Global Icon. © Michaela Carrot

Michaela decided to brush off the dust from her skates, locked away for 10 years and made the life changing decision to return to her first love of skating. Michaela 2.0 was born, not as a competitive skater nor as coach, but as an imaginative, creative and unique content creator with the goal to share the thrill she had as a child on the ice. In the winter season of 2021, she rekindled with the magic of ice skating amidst Switzerland's stunning natural landscapes.  

Since then, Michaela discovered a new of dimension of  ice skating that goes beyond competition – “Wild Ice Skating” ! It was not about comparing scores or winning medals; it was about finding solace in nature, feeling the freedom of gliding on untouched ice, and reconnecting with the world around. She embarked on a thrilling journey to explore the most breathtaking skating spots around the world with her skates and from there, “Michaela Carrot”- the wild ice skater was born.

"Wild ice skating isn't just a pastime; it's a soulful journey of connection and tranquillity amidst nature's embraces."


Michaela Carrott WISD 2 2023

Wild Ice Skater Michaela Carrot is partnering with the 2023 World Ice Skating Day (WISD) as Global Icon. © Michaela Carrot

For her, Wild Ice Skating has become her philosophy, her true calling, her safe space, a way of life. Michaela is open to sharing this journey which is an inclusive, open-hearted approach to skaters of all ages and skill levels to experience the wonder of skating in harmony with nature. It's a profound and transformative experience that anyone can embrace. In 2023 and beyond, she continues to find joy and inspiration in skating and sharing this passion with everyone. Her story is one of resilience, self-discovery and a deep love for Ice Skating and art.

"In the world of wild Ice Skating, age and skill level don't matter - it's an all-inclusive, magical experience that unites us all."

Michaela Carrott WISD 3 2023

Wild Ice Skater Michaela Carrot is partnering with the 2023 World Ice Skating Day (WISD) as Global Icon. © Michaela Carrot

As a WISD Icon, Michaela will share her treasure trove of breathtaking content showcasing the beauty of wild Ice Skating and our nature to the entire skating community. Join us as she takes us to spectacular landscapes, frozen lakes, forests, snowy mountains, gliding through the icy terrains, as we aim to inspire the next generation to take up our beautiful sport and be mindful of the environment to ensure that these destinations are preserved for years to come for all to continue to enjoy.

Through our partnership with Michaela Carrot, the World Ice Skating Day continues to strive to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the necessity to respect mother nature. This tailor-made series of content will be showcased on both the WISD social media channels and Michaela Carrot’s social media accounts.

So stay tuned and get ready to glide together around the world on December 3, 2023 !


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About World Ice Skating Day

The World Ice Skating Day presented by the International Skating Union (ISU), is a one-day global festival dedicated to Ice Skating celebrated on the first Sunday of December. The key objectives are to make Ice Skating sports accessible to everyone in a fun and safe environment – for first-timers, amateurs, professionals or retired competitive skaters – by creating a memorable experience for the entire family. The concept of the World Ice Skating Day stemmed from the idea to popularize and share the spirit of Ice Skating worldwide through a celebration with a vision towards development, inclusion and fairness. For further information please visit World Ice Skating Day website.