Heerenveen / NED

The Speed Skating ISU Centers of Excellence (CoE) have been organizing a series of webinars, offering their expertise in coaching and training to the wider Skating community. As part of the initiative, the ISU CoE – Thialf Academy in the Netherlands is hosting a webinar on Data and Training at 20:00 (CET) on November 9, 2020.

Led by a data scientist and a specialist, the webinar will explain the new applications and solutions Innovation Lab Thialf has developed in collaboration with Sport Data Valley, a National platform for analysis and research of sports data, to help Coaches monitor the training of their Speed Skaters. The webinar will teach Coaches which data to gather daily as well as showing how to monitor and modify training programs. Coaches will also be able to use these tools to set up and adapt training programs and to interpret data to optimize training.

The importance of data in the world of sport keeps growing and has become an essential tool. It helps to maximize an athlete’s performance, enables tracking of their progress in training and in competition and creates data that can be analyzed in detail. Using data to track performance becomes crucial especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where athletes are mostly training at home and do not have direct access to training facilities or their coach.

The webinar is free and all Speed Skating Coaches are welcome to follow the webinar via the Skating ISU YouTube Channel.