Age categories harmonization Junior and below Working Group

Review current age categories Junior and lower ages as per Rule 108 and related ISU Communications.

Work out a concept being as much as possible consistent among ISU disciplines and prepare related Rule amendments and/or updating of ISU Communications for decision of 2024 Congress.

Chair:Benoit Lavoie (CAN) Vice President Figure Skating
Fabio Bianchetti (ITA) S&PTC Chair
Shawn Rettstatt (USA) IDTC Chair
Philippe Maitrot (FRA) SySTC Chair
Charlie Cyr (USA) Sports Technical Director Figure Skating
Yukiko Okabe (JPN) S&PTC member
Ashley Cain (USA) Athlete representative
Evan Bates (USA) Athletes Commission member
Nathalie Lindqvist (SWE) Athletes Commission member
Ruben Ambartsumov (UKR) Medical Commission member

Environmental Sustainability Working Group

Reducing the ISU's overall carbon footprint and the environmental impact of ISU Events and activities so that current and future generations around the world can continue to participate in the ISU sports. Collecting additional data during the conduct of its ISU Events and is working on a carbon footprint calculation model which will allow definition of which measures must be taken in the coming years.

Chair: Maria Teresa Samaranch (ESP) Council member
Suwanna Silpa Archa (THA) Council member
Eric Radford (CAN) Council member & Athletes Commission

Chair Project Managers:
Loraine Waeber (SUI) Internal Controller,
David Broere (NED) Event Manager Speed Skating

Figure Skating Split Panels Working Group

Testing through test competitions during the seasons 2022/23 and 2023/24 the splitting of the panels (for GoE and Components - evaluating the outcome of the tests and in case of a positive conclusion in favor of split pannels work out the corresponding rule changes, implementation plans and budget for decision by the 2024 Congress. To be noted that the Congress approved a budget for the testing and evaluation amounting to CHF 100'000.

Note of caution: the preparations for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games in Milano have already started and meetings regarding techncial and logistical issues are planned in 2022 and the following years. Normally, due to IOC procedures, substantial changes cannot be implemented without a 2-3 years pre-advise. Furthermore the new provision in Article 16.3.e) of the ISU Constitution states:
"The Vice Presidents monitor the work and activities of the respective Technical Committees including their administration of the Technical Rules. If the respective Vice President concludes that Technical Rule changes and/or ISU Communications proposed by the competent Technical Committees are in conflict with the ISU’s policy and/or result in excessive expenditures and/or are not consistent among the ISU sport disciplines and/or their implementation is untimely or premature (e.g. too close to the Olympic Winter Games or impossible to implement safely in the given time frame), the respective Vice President has the duty to inform the Council allowing a Council evaluation and decision."

Based on the above, an implementation, if so decided, might be feasible only for the post-Olympic season 2026/27.

Chair: Benoit Lavoie (CAN) Vice President Figure Skating
Fabio Bianchetti (ITA) S&PTC Chair
Shawn Rettstatt (USA) IDTC Chair
Philippe Maitrot (FRA) SySTC Chair
Nathalie Lindqvist (SWE) Athletes Commission member
Wieland Lüders (GER) Event Manager Figure Skating
Leana Carron (Representative from CAN F)
Paolo Pizzocari (Representative from ITA)
Jeroen Prins (Representative from NED)

Good Governance & Social Responsibility Working Group

Focus on Athlete safeguarding & wellness / organizational governance / integrity & coordination

i) Ensure the ISU's continued good reputation, credibility & integrity by increasing awareness and expanding education initiatives in the fight against discrimination, harassment/abuse, fraud/corruption and undue influence.
ii) Present recommendations to Council regarding rule and policy changes and updates to the ISU Code of Ethics as appropriate relating to good governance matters.
iii) Raise awareness regarding conflicts of interest and how to avoid them, increase transparency and monitor conflicts of interest.
iv) Identify initiatives to expand diversity and promote inclusion of all participants in the ice skating sports and promote gender equality.
v) Monitor, update and raise awareness of the ISU Athlete Safeguarding Policy and encourage all ISU Members to adopt their own Athlete Safeguarding Policy.
vi) For incidents reported to the ISU, ensure appropriate ISU action is taken upon determination that an individual violated the ISU Code of Ethics.
vii) Partner with selected ISU Members along with specialist organizations focused on preventing sexual abuse and harassment of athletes, and research best practices to develop athlete safeguarding protocols and education tools.
viii) Maximize internal controls and data protection.
ix) Oversee the periodic AIOWF Governance Survey in cooperation with the Internal Controller.

Chair: Patricia St. Peter (USA) Council member
Sergio Anesi (ITA) Council member
Ida Hellström (FIN) Synchronized Skating TC member & former Athletes Commission member
Christine Cardis (SUI) Anti-Doping Director & Ombudsperson
Becky Cairns (GBR) Development Program Director
Loraine Waeber (SUI) Internal Controller

Olympic Winter Games (OWG) Qualification System Figure Skating Working Group

Review current Figure Skating OWG Qualification System and perform SWOT analysis of alternative Qualification Systems being based on results of International Competitions exclusively held during the Olympic season.
Subject to finding a consensus for change, work out a proposal for the 2024 Congress for implementation at the 2030 OWG

Benoît Lavoie (CAN) Vice President Figure Skating
Susanna Rahkamo (FIN) Council member, Figure Skating
Fabio Bianchetti (ITA) S&PTC Chair
Shawn Rettstatt (USA) IDTC Chair
Eric Radford (CAN) Council member, Athletes Commission Chair
Csaba Balint (Representative from HUN)
Wieland Lüders (GER) Event Manager Figure Skating

Solo Ice Dance Working Group

To establish and propose to the ISU Council for approval, the development and technical requirements for the introduction of Solo Ice Dance International Competitions, in accordance with Rule 107, paragraph 12 of the ISU General Regulations.

Benoît Lavoie (CAN) Council liaison
Chair Shawn Rettstatt (USA) IDTC liaison
Kristin Fraser-Lukanin (AZE)
John Miller (USA)
Marie-Louise  Gijtenbeek (NED) 
Neil Brown (FIN)
Candice Towler-Green (GBR)
Bianka Szijgyarto (HUN)
Monica MacDonald (AUS)

Wealth Management Working Group

Propose alternative investment strategies and corresponding criteria and guidelines aiming for better ROI but including relevant risk analysis for Council and subsequently Congress decision. Ensure that the Congress and ISU Members are fully aware and in agreement with the new strategy involving higher risks and by doing so accept a certain level of speculation and potential losses if changing the strategy. Subject to Congress approval, implement new strategy with chosen partners.

1. Ask current banks cooperating with the ISU and 2 additional wealth management institutions for alternative investment strategies to include several options with related risk analysis based on historic records and current geopolitical and market situation.

2. Review Proposals and, if necessary, add additional options based on WG members expertise.

3. Review current ISU Statues and work out, if necessary, proposals to Congress that would allow change of the investment strategy involving higher risks but keeping concerned Office Holders harmless in case of losses during adverse market conditions.

4. Check availability of insurance cover possibilities to protect competent Office Holders and Working Group members from liability (negligence, omissions) claims in case of losses.

5. Submit Proposal to the Council and subsequently to Congress.

6. Subject to Council and subsequently Congress approval, check with current banks and other banks or financial institutions to implement the new strategy in the most efficient manner considering cost of possible portfolio transfers among banks/financial institutions.

7. Monitor implementation of new strategy by ISU Secretariat with chosen partners.

Chair: György Elek (HUN) Council member Figure Skating, with legal expertise

Margaret Blunden (AUS) Financial expert
Pierre Kobel (SUI) ISU legal counsel with Swiss Law expertise
Uli Linder (SUI) Treasurer
Warren Naphtal (USA) Financial expert
Colin Smith Director General
Jermy Conrad-Pickles Director of Finance and Administration
Loraine Waeber (SUI) Internal Controller